The Rabbit Whisperer

Whispering doesn’t work with rabbits. Loud noises and force are your only tools.

When you think of rabbits, you probably think of cute little cuddly guys licking each other’s ears, giddy hopping, and and frantic munching on hay and grass. Last night we witnessed first hand the killer instinct of rabbits. I mean it. If it wasn’t for our intervention we’d have at least one, if not two dead rabbits today.

Bonding is the process in which you make two rabbits friends for life. It take one to two months and it can get ugly. Biting, clawing, and chasing are just the beginning.

I thought Julie was going overboard when she put on gloves last night for Eva and Evan’s first bonding session. She heard that two fighting rabbits can become a blur or fury in the midst of their scuffle and didn’t want to take any chances. I played along.

The bunnies were genial at first. They say and let us pet them. They hopped around our little laundry room and took little notice of one another.

And then they dropped their heads. We knew it was a time of asserting dominance. Who will lick who?

Slight nipping started. A tuft of Eva’s white hair rested on the floor. It’s normal. It has to happen. A little nibble won’t kill either of them.

They began sniffing and chasing each other. The tension heightened. More nipping.

And then it happened.

Cold fury, sprawling, biting, clawing, fur tufts all over the place. We each tugged at a rabbit, but they wouldn’t let go of each other. We panicked and eventually separated the two combatants.

We put them back in their cages for the night, not too worse for wear as far as we could see.

I had to pack boxes and keep myself busy for the next 20 minutes I was so shaken up. It grew tense so quickly and the thought of our rabbits literally wanting to kill each other kind of disturbed us.

Nevertheless, it has to happen. We’ll see what happens tonight.

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