Negotiating Negotiations as a Christian

Josh and I talked a while back about the ethics of negotiating as a follower of Christ. There is a tension between our idealized lack of attachments to this world with a generally low value assigned to material wealth and our desire to manage our wealth and possessions wisely simply because they are not our own.

This issue came up afresh in the midst of negotiating for a house. I won’t go into the details, but in a nutshell we found ourselves asking how hard we should push to drive the price down. Does hardball negotiating fit in with following Jesus?

We tried to follow a moderating path where we didn’t play hardball, but we at least played softball or perhaps stickball. I know that we cannot be dogmatic about such a topic. There is no hard and fast rule or standard to follow.

Nevertheless, I wonder what others have experienced and considered in the midst of negotiations and in particular when money is involved. There are all kinds of variables we can throw into this sort of circumstance, but I’m just looking for some feedback on the courses others have set in the midst of negotiations.

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