A Prayer Request For a Worthy Cause

One of the organizations I keep in touch with is Shevet Achim. They are based in Israel and the Palestinian territory and provide critical heart surgery for Arab children.

Think about that. They pay to bring children and their parents from Iraq, Jordan, and who knows where else into Israel for life-saving surgery. Talk about reconciling two people groups.

I received a prayer request today. There is a child in Jordan who needs surgery and has been waiting for six weeks for a slot at a hospital. Here’s part of the message:

We are asking you to join us in a fervent time of prayer over the next few weeks.

Shevet Achim works primarily with one major medical center in Tel Aviv for performing heart surgeries. We are currently limited in how many Iraqi children we can bring to Israel because there are too few heart surgery slots available at this center and too little space in Tel Aviv in which to host the families. God willing it is time for Shevet Achim to enter new relationships with new medical centers in Tel Aviv and Jerusalem.

Meanwhile, there is a child in Amman, Jordan who cannot get permission to enter Israel because of these very same problems. She and her parents have been waiting for six weeks now.

We believe these relationships cannot be built without the prayer of the saints petitioning the Lord to move the hearts of administrators and doctors in these respective hospitals. Keep in mind that many of these professionals will not be listening to our request as believers in Messiah. It will certainly be the power of prayer and grace of God that will move them to consider building these relationships.

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