The Same Sex Marriage Debate in Vermont . . . Again

The same sex marriage debate is coming up again in Vermont. Since legalizing civil unions in 2000, Vermont has been quite on the marriage front. The Rutland Herald reports, “Bills are being introduced in the state House and Senate that would expand civil marriage to same-sex couples.”

The Gov. is not playing along with this. He says that civil unions are close enough to marriage, so why rock the boat and divide people over something so tiny, so miniscule, so insignificant?

Following that line of reasoning . . . why are people so upset about it in the first place then? If it doesn’t make a difference, why not give these people the right to marry?  I’m not interested in debating whether or not this lifestyle is moral in God’s eyes. I’m talking about giving people the right to do something that they should not be denied.

Will allowing same sex couples to marry cause a rise in crime? Is any one harmed in any way? I can’t think of any reason why same sex couples should be denied marriage if they already have civil unions. It was bound to happen and it’s certainly not worth fighting. It will happen eventually.

I am primarily concerned with talking about the Gospel. God loves us and he must also deal with sin, but he has to bring the conviction of sin to us. If same sex marriage is not supported by Christianity (and to be frank, I don’t know either way), then that’s something God has to reveal to us if we are seeking his will. I’m not interested in legislating a questionable moral issue on others.

OK, I’ve said enough. If there’s anything I want to say, it’s this: let’s stop wasting our time with symbolic moral issues and deal with the real problems in our state and nation. If same sex couples want to marry, I will not stand in their way. Now let’s talk about creating jobs, alleviating the tax burden, supporting the nonprofits who provide so many valuable services to the poor, and reforming education so that our children will remember more than filling in little bubbles with #2 pencils.

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