Tracking Down the Best Reads

I don’t know how others feel, but I am completely overwhelmed with the amount of books, blogs, articles, discussion boards, and who knows what else out there. There are many good options out there and I feel paralyzed by the options out there.

And so I am on a bit of a quest to narrow down some of the best places to go for Christian theology, emerging church stuff, and other Christianity-related material. With Bloglines as my helper I’m adding some new subscriptions to see what sticks. I’ll share some of what I’m reading today. (And by the way, I’m really not “digging” the teaser feeds. If I wanted to visit someone’s site, I’d visit the site. I have a feed reader so I can: read the feed. Just my personal rant there, sorry.)

This week I came across a very good article on Christianity Today’s site about the reevaluation of the Israeli/Palestinian conflict. The stories that many Americans have come to accept may be more mythical than we thought. The article is called: Coffins on Their Shoulders.

Jamie over at Emergent Voyageurs (a word which my spell check is not going to like) posts a very important question about art. Should we mess around with art when there are people with more basic needs that go unfulfilled?  He responds with some good thoughts and a Christian perspective on art.

My take on it this is that art has value in both spiritual and big-picture economics. Perhaps I’ve just bought into my own propaganda at the place I work, but the arts are a very important part of an economically healthy community.

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