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February 12th is the 2-year anniversary for February 15th marks my first post in the world of blogs. That means IMD is not exactly old, especially when compared to those who started blogging in the 90’s if not at least the beginning of 2000. But we’re not just starting up, and there’s a strange comfort in having a lengthy archive list.

As blogs gain momentum there are so many new sites starting up every day. And let’s face it, it’s hard to start writing when you don’t have a lot of traffic. No matter how good the blog may be, starting out is just tough.

In light of this, I’d like to open things up around here for the next week to anyone who wants to promote a new blog, not a commercial web site, a personal blog. I’m thinking a blog that started up in the past 3 months, but I won’t be strict about that. You can either leave info in the comment section or you can e-mail me at edcyzewski (at) gmail (dot) com to fill me in on your site and I’ll post your info.

I’ll start things off with a few sites that I found today through Technorati. Both are relatively new and both have some good posts that are worth a read:


Beth G. Sanders

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