The Second Vermont Republic: A Racist End?

Green Mountain Daily has a surprising and well-researched report on the Second Vermont Republic movement. Second you ask? Was there a first?

It’s a debatable point, but some scholars believe that Vermont was it’s own little Republic after a group of big whigs got together at a Dorset pub and said it was so. Vermont became the 14th state in 1791, so it had to be something from 1776 to 1791. And that is where this notion of a first republic comes in.

Now a group is trying secede from the USA, which of course is just insane. It’s odd enough that town meetings in Vermont want to impeach Bush, but this is simply biting off more than one struggling little state can chew. Our economy sucks, there are hardly any jobs that pay more than $10 an hour, taxes are high, homes are expensive, businesses die like lemmings leaping from a cliff, 15% of our roads are in poor shape, 10% of the bridges over the interstates are falling apart, and need I go on?

But that’s not the shocking part of this report. There is a strong white-supremacist/racist element in this movement to break away from the USA. And that should give all eager secessionists something to chew on.

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