Church with Lowered Expectations

I’m not a defeatist. And I believe that lowering our expectations for church is not necessarily mean we’ve lost anything. It just means we’ve been looking for the wrong things in the wrong place.

What do we expect from church? Worship, education, fellowship, outreach, pastoral care, children’s programs, adult activities, small groups, prayer meetings, a young adult gathering, and the list goes on.

This is a very tall order to fill for any organization. No wonder my Master of Divinity took four years to accumulate 90 credits worth of classes while my friends breezed through masters programs in 2 years with 40-50 credits to complete. We expect a lot out of our churches.

So let’s step back and lower those expectations to one or two things. In other words, let’s make sure we have the two most important parts of church right before we expect anything else to happen.

What would it look like if we made meeting with God our number one priority when we meet together? What would it look like if our second priority was encouraging one another? There may be room for other things eventually, but the top priorities must come first.

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