My Solution to Tracking Theology Resources

I’ve been concentrating on finding good resources on theology, the emerging church, and mission. I even read some of them. But the my one frustration has been finding a good way to share them here on this blog.

I have been using to keep track of these articles and web sites in the form of bookmarks. My page has everything listed and categorized.

Perhaps the ideal would be if these bookmarks could appear on inamirrordimly as posts, but I have found a suitable compromise for now. I have added a new page called “Theology Resources.” On this page is my latest listing of theology resources.

One disclaimer, nay two. First of all, I was using for all of my bookmarks in the past. That is no longer the case. Secondly, I don’t always read everything from top to bottom, and simply “bookmarking” an article does not equal endorsement.

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