Movie Night: The Illusionist

 The other night we watched The Illusionist. I have never heard of it, but was quickly drawn into the story and dazzled by the camera work.

Set in Austria in the late 1800’s to early 1900’s, an illusionist wins a tremendous following because of his seemingly supernatural powers. When his childhood love is engaged to the crown price, he turns his powers toward reuniting with her and attacking the prince.

This movie truly has all that I could have asked. The filming is so good that we actually rewound some scenes just to appreciate how well they were done. The characters are developed and believable, the dialogue and action flow, and the ending was perfect. I’d say more, but then I’d be guilty of spoiling the whole thing.

I recommend renting it because it’s so much more than a movie. It’s a good story that is artfully crafted.

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