Blessing the People of Iraq

God knows we’ve inflicted enough damage on the people of Iraq. Two wars, a botched occupation, and now failed attempts to bring peace and stability while US contractors make a quick buck. On most days I’m sickened by the Iraq war and occupation; burdened with a feeling of guilt and helplessness, not knowing what can be done to make things right.

Before going on a snowshoe this evening I received an e-mail from Shevet Achim. This is a Christian organization that provides the funds for Arab children, mostly from Iraq, to come into Israel for life-saving heart surgery. It’s an idea so crazy that it’s actually working. They have several children who are recovering very well at this moment from their surgeries.

On the home page I noticed that a child named Hana needed about $250 for her heart surgery, while several other children still need $7000. I began thinking, “I can spare at least $50, and if 100 people gave $50, one of these kids would be well on the way to raising all of the necessary funds. And that’s where the Iraq war came to mind.

No one knows how many innocent people have died as a result of our war in Iraq, but most estimates are staggering. I spoke with one Iraqi with family in Baghdad; he said things were better under Saddam. That’s when you know things are bad.

So instead of feeling bad or powerless about the war in Iraq, I encourage all who are willing to bless the people of Iraq through Shevet Achim. Our war has ended so many lives. Therefore, an appropriate response should involve giving life when we can.

No pressure. There are thousands of worthy causes out there who need funding desperately, but if your feelings about Iraq resemble mine in any way, then Shevet Achim may provide the perfect course to follow.

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