A Sunny Day in West Arlington

Every chump with a camera and two relatively stable legs can scramble up the rocky cliff to take a picture of the West Arlington covered bridge. It’s one of the most photographed covered bridges in the state I think. Post cards, calendars, book marks, and just about everything else has an image of the bridge in summer or fall.

And so I had my bright idea yesterday. I decided to take a picture of the bridge in the winter. I have never seen a picture of the bridge in winter. Julie said that’s because it looks ugly and barren in the winter, but I dismissed her pessimism.

It had to work. A blue sky, white snow, and the gleaming red bridge crossing the Battenkill River: what is there not to love?

I trudged about the bridge with the wind howling. The cliff was icy, but I managed it. Unfortunately the “classic” shot of the bridge didn’t work because I hit the scene close to sun set. So I hiked along the ridge until I found an opening that afforded a shot of the bridge with the sun on it.

So you miss out on the view of the old church and Norman Rockwell’s house from this angle, but it still got the job done.

Notice how the sun shines through under the roof to the inner wall? Not a bad shot. Not a great shot either, but worth the climb.

I also walked in the fields around the bridge looking for shots. I took a few just to see how they turned out.

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