Begging for Mercy in a Cafe

I had to beg God for mercy on Tuesday, yesterday, and once again today.


My little Lenten practice is walking every day. While the focus of the walk is prayer, the main motivation for starting it is removing myself from the computer and other distractions that keep me busy and out of touch with God and myself.

But who wants to walk a mile when it’s -10 F degrees outside? Not me pal.

With my warmest gloves on my fingers started to go numb after a minute. My forehead ached from the gusty wind. My feet became noticeably chilly.

Yesterday I took a short walk around Manchester during my lunch break because the temperature soared up into the teens and possibly higher, but not on Tuesday. I just huddled up in a cafe and thought about walking for Lent, and asked for mercy.

If there was ever a time that I’m glad we don’t live in northern Vermont, it’s now. Stupid me, picking an outdoor activity for Lent in the final days of winter.

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2 thoughts on “Begging for Mercy in a Cafe

  1. meggan

    hey, do you remember a certain student by the name of scott shinn from when you were at biblical? just wondering [not sure when you were there…]

  2. ed Post author

    I can’t say that I do. I studied at Biblical from the Fall of 2001 to December 2004. I also took some ETREK classes here and there. Biblical is a commuter school so it’s hard to meet everyone. We could have passed in the halls any number of times.

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