Why I Have the Coolest Wife

Last Friday was Dr. Seuss Day. It also happened to be ice storm day, so school was canceled. My wife Julie backed five cakes last week in order to make a Dr. Seuss hat out of them, but had to freeze them for this week. Today is the “make-up” Dr. Seuss day.

Update: This cake is for the Dr. Seuss day at the elementary school she works at. It is most certainly not for our own personal observance of Dr. Seuss, important though he was. I kind of left that curcial detail out of the original post.

Last night she assembled the five cakes and cut them up to create the hat effect and then proceeded to put icing on all of them. It took about four hours. You can view Julie’s project at our flickr account.

I also had a deadline. With an exhibition opening this Saturday at a local art gallery, I wanted to have my photography on hand in the stacks. So while Julie was laboring on her cake, I was in the other room matting 18 photographs. I was done at the same exact time as her.

Here is Julie’s finished product:

2 thoughts on “Why I Have the Coolest Wife

  1. ed Post author

    Astute observation about a crucial detail I forgot to mention Meggan.

    It’s for Dr. Seuss day at school. She’s a Sp. Ed. teacher at a small elementary school. The kids are probably glutting themselves as I write this.

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