If It’s Yours, You can’t Lose It

This little “ism” has crawled into the collective wisdom of many people, Christian and non-Christian. “If it’s yours, you can’t lose it.” It sounds very Calvinist. Perhaps it could be described as fate.

The point is simple: there is an ideal or destiny for each of us and nothing can stop us from it. We are bound on a course for something and no circumstance from within or without can derail us.

I recently batted around Open Theism and took it for a test drive. The jury’s still out, but if Open Theism has any truth in it, then such statements as the “If it’s yours, you can’t lose it,” are out of bounds.

I’ve been wondering if we tell ourselves these fatalistic things in order to provide comfort in an uncertain world. Is it comforting to draw a bulls-eye around the arrow and then convince ourselves that all is well? Can life really be one preplanned continuum?

From where I’m sitting today, it looks like life is a series of diverging and intersecting paths that can be chosen. God still provides guidance if I’m willing to ask him and listen, but he may not have one course in mind. There may be several correct options and several incorrect options.

This could all be wrong and horribly heretical, but it’s where I’m at right now. I’m not in a fatalistic mood today.

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6 thoughts on “If It’s Yours, You can’t Lose It

  1. Adam Malliet

    If Calvin is right, than God predetermined that I would not believe that God predetermines the future.

  2. ed Post author

    I just knew you guys were going to make jokes about this . . . but not a divine foreknowledge sort of knowing.

  3. Adam Malliet

    So you considered the counterfactuals and made a prediction as to my response. You must be created in the image of God!

    Seriously though, I’ll entertain serious compatibilist theories on how God and time work out; but Calvin, he can’t be right.

  4. ed Post author

    The funny thing is that Calvin’s reading of scripture makes a lot of sense, but then it creates a whole mess of problems. There has to be something more going on.

    Nevertheless, I found myself actually repeating this mantra again today: “If it’s ours, then we can’t lose it.” It seems like I really believe it or something.

  5. Adam Malliet

    I am no Calvin scholar, or scholar of anything for that matter (save for perhaps all things sarcastic and/or snarky), but it seems that it is a very internally consistent systematic theology, its airtight, albiet just a tad horrifying and cruel. Oh and you have to anthropromorphize, and subsequently throw out most of what the scripture says about God.

    I am only criticizing his view on the doctrine of God, I don’t know much about the T,L,I, and P of his theology, I’ve heard good things though :)

    However, I do like the the Mantra. When I first read it, I paused and thought about it, even before I read the post. I read it as a reminder that I don’t own anything, not even my so-called inalienable rights. All these things I can lose, so why do I hold on to them so tightly.

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