March Mapleness

It’s happened. I went to an otherwise excellent and interesting blog and then I found the following question: “Have you filled out your brackets yet?”

Sigh. No, I haven’t. The only time I’ve filled out my brackets was in college–I decided every single game with a coin toss.

It’s hard enough for me to care about pro basketball, but getting into college hoops is too much of a stretch.  I can’t figure out why I dislike basketball so much. All I can guess is that I grew up on a steady diet of hockey. I played hockey almost every day of my youth and watched the Flyers as often as I could. Basketball just seemed to be a let down after hockey.

Anyway, for those of you who feel my disdain for college hoops this time of year, I bring the Vermont alternative: March Mapleness. Yes, the nights are cold and the days are warm, perfect conditions for the running of the sap. The weekend of March 24th-25th is the maple syrup open house weekend. It’s one of my favorite times of the year. You haven’t lived until you’ve walked into a sugar house while boiling is going on. Trust me.

Yesterday I took a walk along River Road in Arlington and came across  a ton of maple trees decked out with the old fashioned buckets. River Road is my favorite place for a walk or a bike ride.

I snapped some photos and posted them to my flickr account. I inserted my favorite pic below, which also made its way to the header of this site last night. Enjoy.

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4 thoughts on “March Mapleness

  1. meggan

    i don’t resent your attitude towards the brackets one bit. however, it’s the nba thats not worth the trouble. college ball is the only pure form left…

  2. ed Post author

    Good point. I find college basketball is so overwhelming because of the legion schools and players. Who can keep track of them all? I liken it to when I first tried to read about postmodernism; there is such to figure out that one is paralyzed from moving forward.

    Nevertheless, these guys aren’t doing it for the money, so I have to give them their due.

  3. Josh

    I can’t wait to taste the “sweet” 16. And then “I’ll-eat, ate” my “Final Four” flapjacks. Mmmmmm…..

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