Never So Glad to See a Panera

I’ve been stuck in Quennsbury, NY at a Saturn dealer getting fleeced for some repairs that only Saturn can make. I arrived at 9:00 am, and found that it will take four hours as of 10:00 am.

Fortunately their exorbitant prices help fund a nice waiting area with a desk and a power outlet. The internet wasn’t working, but I still hammered out three future blog posts, three articles, and over 1,000 words of fiction. Not a bad morning. Nothing like boredom to drive production.

I grew hungry and since the pop corn machine was empty, I asked if there was a place near Home Depot that I could stop for lunch. It turned out there is a Panera right next to the home superstore.

I’ve never been so glad to see an overcrowded Panera with average food. It has been wonderful. I even pulled off a cookie sample. And the bread isn’t that bad so long as you stick to the plain stuff.

One of the tricks today has been negotiating the final details of our home deal, final as in, not happening. It’s a good thing though. We had a house under contract, found some problems with the home, and now the deal is off.

In the meantime we found another house that may prove interesting. More on that later.

For now I’m enjoying the free wifi at Panera and planning a trip to Home Depot before calling for the “courtesy shuttle” to rescue me.