Gore, Climate Change, and Stupid Republicans

Al Gore continues to work toward a solution to the climate change problem facing our planet. Unfortunately some Republicans (as in Representative Joe Barton R-TX) are too short-sighted to catch on:

Barton also criticized Gore’s recommendations on freezing carbon dioxide emissions. “If we took that literally, we can add no new industry, no new cars on the street, and apparently no new people. Every person emits 0.2 tons of carbon dioxide a year.” Others in Congress expressed concern that the United States’ fight on global warming would be moot if some of the other large contributors, such as China and India, don’t reduce pollution. Some suggested more investment in nuclear power as a “clean” energy source.

Gore saved for the end his hardest request; he urged Congress to see beyond politics. “This is not ultimately about any scientific discussion or political dialogue,” he said. “It is about who we are as human beings and our capacity to transcend our limitations to meet the challenge. We can’t afford to play political football.” Science

On the ride home yesterday I heard a similar statement by Representative Dennis Hastert, another Republican, that went something like this, “If we follow your advice we’re going to ruin many businesses and cripple our economy.” 

Oh, boo hoo, the US economy might suffer if we try to save out planet.  Ridiculous. Stupid. Ridiculously stupid.

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