The Silence of the Blog

Life has been picking up over the past few days, and so the notebook has not made it to the computer, hence the posts have not made it to the blog. There’s a bit of a traffic jam in my moleskine notebook right now.

The main reason why we’ve been so swamped is our home situation. Back in late February we placed a home under contract. Due to some issues with the house we had to cancel the contract. Now we have another home under contract.

It’s a small ranch along River Road in Arlington, VT. The house is plain, but we think we can spruce it up with our own touches, and the two acres of land give us plenty of room to add on.

The location is pretty nice from a nature standpoint. I often walk on this road, in fact all of my “March Mapleness” pictures came from River Road. The river is nearby, not so close as to flood though, and we’re two miles away from Norman Rockwell’s former home near the West Arlington covered bridge.

We’ll be ten minutes from the center of Arlington, which I wish was closer, but the West Arlington general store will have to compensate for that. All in all we’re trading one valley for another, but not picking up and moving completely out of town. Though we’re right on the edge of it.

Now we’re praying for the loan to go through in record time.

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