If You Don’t Like Water . . .

I have nothing against water, but sometimes it’s nice to drink something with a little . . . flavor. I mean other than the taste of hard water.

I’ve tried Vitamin Water, Propel, and all manner of juice, but all of these options have lots of sugar and some even sneak in corn syrup, which is just about one of the grossest things you can inject into your body. Well, probably not, but it’s up there on the list.

Today I tried out O Water, made by O Beverages. It’s a simple drink that is primarily water with 85 mg of natural caffeine, 25 mg of ginseng, 25 mg of guarana, and 4 mg of yerba mate. I selected the strawberry flavor, and I think it rocks.

Shameless product endorsement over.

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2 thoughts on “If You Don’t Like Water . . .

  1. nate

    i also kinda hate water. i am a big iced tea fan, though. my favorite is an organic tea made by none other than moby.

    i recognize it’s not avaiable in vermont, but check out teany at http://www.teanybeverages.com/

    as i write, i’m sipping on their white tea with blueberry.

    and besides, when there’s no iced tea available, i drink beer and vermont has by present favorite brewery…otter creek / wolaver’s (www.wolavers.com)


  2. ed Post author

    It just goes to show that people want healthy drinks if they are readily available. It’s nice to know there are reasonably intelligent people with money and the ambition to try something new.

    I’ll keep my eyes open for Teany. For now I’m sucking down small glasses of lemonade laced with sugar.

    The Long Trail Heffenwiesen (spelling?) isn’t too bad either. It’s the only beer I like thus far actually. I just can’t do Guinness. I suppose I can’t be truly “emergent.”

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