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The Internet Makes a House a Home

We are moved in. I wander among the boxes. I look for something to do. Dang, I’m really hooked on having internet at home.

Saturday was our big moving day, and also marked the beginning of our internet fast. The move went fabulously, if I may say so myself. We haven’t lost too many things that I’m aware of, we had a lot of great help, and the whole thing was completed in two trips.  

The move itself was rather miraculous, to say nothing of our closing situation. We came back from vacation on April 22nd, hoping to close on the 27th, but still needing some details to line up before that was a sure thing. We needed to be out of our rental by the 30th!!!

We received a lot of gracious help on Wednesday, the 25th and were able to schedule for closing on the 27th. This required some key people to go out of their way to help us, and we are brimming over with gratitude for them. The problem is that we only had 2 other people to help us move, no small thing for a couple whose life long goal is to have their own library in their house!

On Thursday a bunch of people offered their help. In addition, I was praying that the Lord would send some friends down from Burlington to help. On Thursday one of those friends called from out of the blue, saying that he was praying and he heard that he needed to come help us move. Crazy!

To make things better, our Budget moving truck (never, ever rent a U-Haul) was upgraded to a 24 foot monster at no cost. It was pretty sweet. We practically threw things in, not having to pack it very tight at all.

For now I’ll actually have to WORK on the house since I can’t fritter my time away on the internet, lest I drive the 20 minutes to Manchester.


I can also light candles, burn incense, and pray to the satellite gods for high speed internet beamed down from above.

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Moving and Missing Internet

We are moving tomorrow and as of midnight tonight we will no longer be DSL customers, sniff, sniff. In the near future we are having satellite internet installed, but until then I won’t have access to internet unless I go to a cafe or to work. I hope to post again on Monday.

This whole moving experience has been absolutely nuts, and really stressful, but against all odds we have a place and will move our massive number of books in along with the two bunnies. They are going to rip the new carpet to shreds!

If you’re itching for some blogs with a touch of humor and a Christian perspective, check out Nate or Makeesha.

If you’re the Vermont blog type, I’m happy to report that Cathy is blogging more at 802 Online.  Way to go Cathy, stop apologizing for not blogging, we all understand your new job is demanding. 802 Online is a great place to find out what Vermont bloggers are up to.

I hope to be up and running at least from a cafe in the near future. Until then, let’s all covenant to not do anything too important. I don’t want to miss out.

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The Change Brought By Moving

Saturday is a our moving day, and we have spent quite a bit of time packing and organizing our home. Last night I carried most of the smaller items from upstairs into our garage. The less up and down we have to do, the better.

Today and tomorrow I hope to move everything up from the basement. This will keep everything we own on one level, speeding along the moving process.

I spent a good deal of my time carrying boxes last night that I was tempted to just chuck into the donation pile. I’ve grown less and less attached to my own possessions the more I think about moving them, and especially when I think about asking other people to move them. I kept asking myself, “Is this important enough to ask someone else to move it for me?” Many of my old history books did not survive this question.

If only I could remember that I may end up having to move an item one day before I purchase it, then I would probably restrain myself more often when out in a store.

But in the midst of the books and other items we haven’t used so much, there are some precious memories I dug up. For example, our photo albums were all boxed up, which was a reminder to give them a look sometime in the near future.

I also uncovered my Master of Divinity hood in a pile of clothes that I was planning on sending to the thrift store. It’s almost like I’ve uncovered another life I used to live, or possibly another person I used to know.

Moving brings about an odd look at the past through artifacts. It reveals where we come from and hints at who we have become. It’s a time of discovery that is both creepy and wonderful.

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Ed’s Plan For a Better World

In order to improve the world, the following changes will be put into effect immediately:

– The absence of butter at a cafe does not merit a hissy fit.

– Except in the case of a medical emergency, cell phones may not be used at indoor public places, especially cafes and airplanes.

– When using a cell phone for a medical emergency, the caller is to speak in a low, “inside voice” and is not permitted to say, “I’m in a plane right now” or to discuss other conditions that are inconsequential for the conversation.

– All passengers on airplanes must restrict their bodily appendages, especially legs and arms, to the designated space. All trespassing into the private space of other passengers will be punished through a hefty fine that increases at 15 second increments if the violation continues.

– Airplane passengers who recline back will be ejected from the plane immediately.

This is not a complete list, but it’s a step in the right direction. Additional items may be added through an additional post or through the comment section.