Life in Boxes

Almost everything we own that can be boxed is now sitting in wine boxes all over our home, including our extensive collection of books. It’s funny to live with most of your possessions boxed up. Oddly enough, I don’t feel like we’re roughing it or missing out on a whole lot.

Of course there are moments when we wish this book or that book was readily available, but on the whole, it is helpful to see how peripheral most of our possessions truly are. a few good books, rabbit toys–lest they chew all of our furniture to pieces, and some essential plates, pans, and pots generally meet our needs provided we have a table and some chairs about.

I am also shocked at the number of things I’ve purchased simply because I could. This is where clutter comes from. Take garage sales and church rummage sales. Cheap items beckon with their petite price tags and I fall for them. While cleaning out a closet last night I began tossing sweaters and pants into trash bags to donate them to local thrift shop. Most of what I ended up carting off was stuff I’d bought on a whim at ridiculously low prices.

And as gratifying as it is to buy stuff, it may feel even better to get rid of stuff. Not only are we living simpler, cleaner lives, we have given things away, the best antidote for consumer culture. If only we could remember that when we go shopping.

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