My Lame Faith in God

The other day I noticed a large crack on the passenger’s side of my wife’s car. White scuff marks surrounded the crack, showing that someone must have given our little Saturn a good wack . . . and then run for it.

The problem was that someone with a white vehicle had recently parked nearby my wife’s car. Tire tracks in the muddy road led us to believe this person, who we knew of but did not know personally, bumped the car and then ran for it.

We tracked down the contact information and I prepared to call this person the next day, fretting all the while of calling someone to make such an accusation. It was really, really unpleasant.

And then I remembered what I was reading in the book of Samuel. If my life was a Veggie Tales episode, this is the part where Junior Asparagus would hop out and deliver a pep talk complete with a cheesy little, foot-tapping song.

Throughout the stories of Samuel, Saul, and David there is a consistent theme of surrendering situations to God and then waiting for him to work it out. It sounded like a horrible plan in my situation. I preferred to just get worried about my upcoming phone call.

Nevertheless, Julie and I prayed about it, giving the situation over to God. At a prayer meeting the next morning, I mentioned the situation to a friend and he said, “Oh, that dent. It’s been there for weeks.”

I laughed out loud. I was never so glad to hear about a hit and run. And it all made sense. Julie parks her car in the garage and the damaged section sits on the far side of the garage in the dark. When she parks her car at school it’s usually still dark and when she leaves she never walks past the passenger side. I could have spent my evening worrying about nothing. Thankfully God had it all under control, including me eventually.

It is perhaps the most natural thing to desire control over one’s life. We imagine someone in a shrink’s office with hand clutching brow lamenting, “My life is out of control.” And when it comes to living by faith in God, control digs into faith and pins it on the ground.

Who wants to even try letting go of their lives in favor of some invisible, all-powerful being who may not perform up to one’s personal standards? Sounds like a bad deal. Even so, that is what faith is about.
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4 thoughts on “My Lame Faith in God

  1. Alta

    Thanks for your testimony and confirming word. I walked in the house tonight and said to my husband,”You know what we talked about earlier? I don’t want to do anything about that situation on our own. I want to leave it in God’s hands and see what he will do.” This is still a new experience for me, letting God initiate things and not initiating on my own. It’s very freeing and I believe I’m seeing God move more because I’m giving him the chance. Thanks for putting it in words so well! It IS what faith is all about.

  2. ed Post author

    I shouldn’t have read the last two comments with a mouth full of tea . ..

    I’m sure it was all in good fun Adam.

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