In the Hands of God

Throughout the Old Testament–I just finished 1 and 2 Samuel–God is very, very involved in the day to day events of life. He withholds rain, causes illness, and decrees which army runs away in defeat.

God’s connection with world events and our mundane lives has been on my mind lately. Am I just seeking an easy out for life by dragging God into everything that happens, or am I responding to the events of life from a Biblical point of view? The first creates a dilemma–if God isn’t directly tied with the little things, then where do we draw the line with the big things? 

The latter scenario creates another mess. It’s easy enough to say God’s in control of everything from the standpoint of America. Prosperity feels good and I don’t want to feel guilty about it, so it’s nice to say, “God’s blessing us, and we best not stop him while he’s at it.”

Nevertheless, I am convinced more and more, no matter how many doubts I entertain, that God is far more involved in this world than I would have guessed. The trick is that I have no way of knowing how it works exactly.

And if God is not directly pulling the strings in every circumstance–which seems unlikely, but we’ll go with this for a moment–then he is at least able to work with us wherever we find ourselves. God responds to our prayers, even if he brings about outcomes we did not choose or acts on a larger scale–perhaps through future generations–than we could have ever imagined.

Despite the uncertain ground brought by this statement, I believe that my life is in God’s hands and that somehow he’s working in all of my circumstances to bring about his will. Even though I’ve flirted with open theism, I find myself consistently regarding the events of life as God’s plan. Is this bad theology simply showing up again, or the perspective of faith? I’m not sure.

Even if my theology is flawed at this point in time, it’s how I am living in faith. That has to be good enough for now.

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