Moving and Missing Internet

We are moving tomorrow and as of midnight tonight we will no longer be DSL customers, sniff, sniff. In the near future we are having satellite internet installed, but until then I won’t have access to internet unless I go to a cafe or to work. I hope to post again on Monday.

This whole moving experience has been absolutely nuts, and really stressful, but against all odds we have a place and will move our massive number of books in along with the two bunnies. They are going to rip the new carpet to shreds!

If you’re itching for some blogs with a touch of humor and a Christian perspective, check out Nate or Makeesha.

If you’re the Vermont blog type, I’m happy to report that Cathy is blogging more at 802 Online.  Way to go Cathy, stop apologizing for not blogging, we all understand your new job is demanding. 802 Online is a great place to find out what Vermont bloggers are up to.

I hope to be up and running at least from a cafe in the near future. Until then, let’s all covenant to not do anything too important. I don’t want to miss out.

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One thought on “Moving and Missing Internet

  1. Makeesha

    I feel for you, we have moved more times than I can even count anymore.

    thanks for the kudos :) praying that you’ll have some rest soon

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