The Internet Makes a House a Home

We are moved in. I wander among the boxes. I look for something to do. Dang, I’m really hooked on having internet at home.

Saturday was our big moving day, and also marked the beginning of our internet fast. The move went fabulously, if I may say so myself. We haven’t lost too many things that I’m aware of, we had a lot of great help, and the whole thing was completed in two trips.  

The move itself was rather miraculous, to say nothing of our closing situation. We came back from vacation on April 22nd, hoping to close on the 27th, but still needing some details to line up before that was a sure thing. We needed to be out of our rental by the 30th!!!

We received a lot of gracious help on Wednesday, the 25th and were able to schedule for closing on the 27th. This required some key people to go out of their way to help us, and we are brimming over with gratitude for them. The problem is that we only had 2 other people to help us move, no small thing for a couple whose life long goal is to have their own library in their house!

On Thursday a bunch of people offered their help. In addition, I was praying that the Lord would send some friends down from Burlington to help. On Thursday one of those friends called from out of the blue, saying that he was praying and he heard that he needed to come help us move. Crazy!

To make things better, our Budget moving truck (never, ever rent a U-Haul) was upgraded to a 24 foot monster at no cost. It was pretty sweet. We practically threw things in, not having to pack it very tight at all.

For now I’ll actually have to WORK on the house since I can’t fritter my time away on the internet, lest I drive the 20 minutes to Manchester.


I can also light candles, burn incense, and pray to the satellite gods for high speed internet beamed down from above.

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3 thoughts on “The Internet Makes a House a Home

  1. Josh

    Congratulations to you guys on the move. It’s weird for me to think of you guys moving and us not being there to help, or at least offer to help. Glad to hear the Lord took care of you guys through different means. I pray that your new home will be a place of solace for you and Julie, and a house of love, peace & light to your community.

  2. Janet Ludlam

    Glad to hear that you are moved and in your new home. You sure got a lot of things done in a hurry. I trust that this home will be a blessing to you.

    Love, Gram Ludlam

  3. Ginger Gruver

    So you survived another move:) Congratulations on YOUR new home. What a great gift from God! We are very happy for you. We pray God will continue to bless you in your ministries and in your home. Julie, we miss those sweet smells from the kithen.

    Much love from The Gruver Family.

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