Living It Up

We are officially hooked up now.

A satellite dish has been planted in our back yard at significant cost. The internet connection is fast enough and we’re chugging along with a wireless connection.

The dish washer at our place needed to be replaced, so we bought one last Sunday, I set out to change it over on Monday, only to find I was missing the correct kind of connection pipe. That meant a trip to the hardware store. A second try yielded wires that were too short. Another trip to the store.

While working on the dish washer the hot water line decided to burst, so that led to an attempt to replace that line. Unfortunately the faucet connected to that line was ancient, so we couldn’t  replace the line without replacing the faucet. Trip number three to the store.

I banged, clanged, and fiddled until the dish washer was done last night. Then I set to work on the sink, burning out about half way through. I contemplated calling a plumber.

Julie walked into the room and offered to help. She had the rest of the lines disconnected in five minutes. I know it would have take me longer than 30 minutes. Apparently the threat of calling a plumber motivated her.

With all of our grunt work done last night, we settled into bed. I breathed a sigh of relief and then my ears perked up at the sound of “ka-plump” up in the attic. Familiar scratching followed.

It wasn’t our bunnies scaling the walls. It was a stupid squirrel. Shoot. I returned to the hard ware store today for a trap.

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