A Mild Boo for Wild Blue

I can’t apologize for the silence on this blog lately. I’m a victim of circumstances. The chief of which is the malfunction of my Wild Blue satellite internet connection on the home front.

Add to that a long list of home renovations that gobble up free time, and the result is a relatively quiet blog. I’ve been limited to e-mailing during free moments while at work. That’s it.

It’s amazing how dependent I’ve become on the internet. I have no idea what the weather is going to be from day to day, know little of current events, find myself lost when I come home since I used to read online articles after dinner, and am much less likely to spend time writing, even if it doesn’t require the internet. Oh, and I still don’t like using phone books instead of Google searches.

There are some positives and negatives here. Without internet I’ve been able to work on our house a lot and have been prodded to read books a bit more than usual. Nevertheless, blogging is a major source of writing inspiration and simply keeps me in the writing mind set, thereby increasing my output in other, non-blogging areas. Without the ability to blog I feel a bit lost.

So now I’m waiting for a clear day so that Wild Blue can send a little signal to confirm my internet is not working, something I could have told them a week ago, but procedures are procedures.

It may be at least another week before I’m back online at home. I’m really not looking forward to the first bill for internet service I have not received. Booo!