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  1. jamie

    I couldn’t agree less with the way Carter goes about Bush-bashing. Just by the quotes seen in the article show words that are complaining and argumentative. Carter didn’t end his presidency above reproach. It seems like ex-presidents cannot help but stay close to the lime-lite.

  2. Andy Smith

    Well as someone who actually remembers the Carter Presidency his remarks do not surprise me. Had he been re-elected we might still be dealing with the Soviet Union and the Iranian hostages might have died in captivity of old age had his veep Mondale succeeded him! Though at this point I am about as eager for Bush’s presidency to end as I was for Carter’s to. I find labelling Carter a Christian but labelling Bush “supposedly Christian” abit much though. I thought support for abortion was at least as bad a thing as starting a controversial and costly war. I am content to believe that both presidents are Christians who will be called to account by God for their sins. I do wish President Carter would stick building houses though; I think his memory is slipping. I do not recall him praising Nixon’s foreign policy when he was running against Ford in 1976, when Nixon appointee Kissinger was still at the helm at the State Dept. and Rumsfeld and Cheney were on President Ford’s staff. As to George W, those who love Carter are in for a treat. The Iraq war will be an albatross around the GOP nominees neck in 2008 just as Vietnam was for Humphrey in 68, with Bush playing the role of LBJ. I give no thanks to Bush for destroying Republican chances with Iraq as surely as Nixon did with Watergate. As someone who cares about the conservative agenda on moral issues I can only imagine the Devil is laughing as Bush hands the Presidency and Congress over to the likes of Hillary, Pelosi and Reid because of the Iraq debacle. If only he meant it when he declared “Mission Accomplished” We should have left then. We did accomplish the mission. The evil Saddam overthrown, the military threat defeated and a government democratically elected. If the Iraqis want to kill eachother we should pray for them, not get in the crosfire!

  3. ed Post author

    Thanks for the wide range of opinions here. As someone who cares about moral issues on the Republican agenda (abortion and euthanasia to name a few) and who initially thought the Iraq war was a good idea, I have to admit that America started an immoral war and is now in quite a mess. I’m with Jimmy on this one.

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