Morality, Justice, Stubborn Satellite Dishes and a Few Other Things on My Mind

I’ve been a little rough on the Prez lately. I’m not a fan of political blogs, so I’ll keep this brief and then move on to something else.

From the standpoint of morality and justice I believe that America has committed a grievous wrong against the Iraqis. The regular features on NPR by Iraqis tell the stories of people living as prisoners in their own home. Those who flee as refugees lose everything, are sometimes forced to work in horrible conditions, and are in a position to be exploited.

Whether or not you believe the US was justified in attacking Iraq–we weren’t by the way, but I’ll let others disagree–we can all agree that the Kindergarten rule holds true, “If you make a mess, clean it up.”

America has some repenting and repairing to do. One of the ways I believe the church can repair some of the damage our misguided foreign policy has done is by supporting Iraqi families who are traveling to Israel for open heart surgery. That sort of kills a bunch of birds with one check.

I’ve been supporting Shevet Achim lately and I’m really happy to see all of the good work they do. I encourage you to find out what one group of Christians is doing to bring reconciliation to the world.

In other news, the sudden influx of blogging is due to the sudden influx of internet in my life. Not in my home unfortunately, if you thought satellite internet was slow, you should see how slow the customer service is.

Thankfully Manchester has plenty of internet for the masses. Blogging will be spotty until they fix my wayward dish.

Though my internet connection has thwarted me at every turn, there has been some progress in the “writing” part of my life and I hope to spring some big news in the near future. Until then, my short story “A Bittersweet Land,” a memoirish sort of essay on the Israelis, Palestinians, et. al., is now available in the Southshire Pepperpot.

The cafe is about to close, and so must this blog post. Sigh. It’s been fun while it lasted.