Vermonters Classified by Cars

Cars are a major way that people define themselves. A car can symbolize personality, financial status, and convictions. While living in Vermont I’ve noticed a few car trends.

Fancy Soccer Moms: shiny, brand new SUV.

Rich Retirees: Small sports car or really big SUV.

The Pragmatics: Subaru Station Wagon or typical sedan. The Subaru station wagon seems to be the official car of Vermont.

The Eco-Friendly: tiny cars or if they have a little $$, a Hybrid.

Sorta Rich and Sorta Pragmatic: old Saab, old Mercedes, etc.

The Luxurious: a big fat Caddy (a rare find in these parts)

The Locals: old beater of a pick up truck.

Locals with Money to Spare: brand new pick up truck or beater truck with old Saab next to it.

There are exceptions to this and many categories blend, but I’ve spent enough time around town to notice these trends. This may be more true down in south west Vermont, but I know Subaru station wagons are crawling all over the place.

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