Out in Bethel Maine, Wallowing in Cliches

We’re in Bethel Maine for a friend’s wedding and I’m really digging it. Maine that is, the wedding hasn’t happened yet.

We drove up I-91 in Vermont and slipped through St. Johnsbury, a really nice little town. The views were fantastic on the drive out on route 2, especially in the town of Lunenburg.

Once we hit New Hampshire the views of Mt. Washington and the other presidential range mountains were shocking and dare I say awe-inspiring. Cliches filled my mind, but they all rung true. I hated myself all the while I pondered them and the majestic, breath-taking mountains.

When we popped into Maine the mountains continued to surprise us with their towering presence.

Now I’m hanging out in Bethel, just killing time at a cafe during the rehearsal. As far as town’s go, Bethel is a nice mix of residential and downtown business. Cafes, restaurants, and pedestrians dot town.

I recommend a gelatto at DiCoccoa’s. It doesn’t get much better than that.  

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