Late Night Laminate Lamentations

I have a book to work on and so I need an office at home to focus my energy for said book. My office has been covered in smokey carpet and cheap, dingy wall paneling, and so renovating that office is a top priority right now.

This week I’m tackling the floor, which meant I hauled out the old carpet last night and began laying a dark cherry laminate floor. Laminate floor is best done with two people, but in a small room you can sort of get away with doing it yourself.

Another factor to consider is the type and quality of the floor you have. Thickness and many other factors change how fast or slow the job goes.

One of the keys for laying laminate is ensuring there are small gaps along the sides. We even splurged for the spacers used in such an endeavor. The trouble is that the floor moves while you’re laying it, the spacers fall over, and you end up spending most of your time repositioning the spacers.

I was advancing toward a mental break down around 11:00 am when a brain storm formed. DUCT TAPE! With just a little wad of my Martha Stewart Living duct tape (K-Mart brand), I taped the spacers to the wall and solved my problems in a matter of minutes.

Even with my superior new method, I still had a hard time snapping the planks together. They didn’t want to slide together on the short end, resulting in the acrobatic trick of snapping three planks together and then popping the whole line into place.

By midnight I only had about 1/4 of the floor done. The plan right now is to chip away at it tonight. Hopefully the spacers will be the worst of my problems.