Adapting to Sin

Over the past week I’ve watched my wife Julie come back to life as it were. School is out, her paperwork and meetings are done. The kids are tucked away in their respective homes. Now she has that rarest of commodities for a special education teacher: free time.

Just over dinner the other night she was animated, excited, and chatty. Even after running errands all day, something she usually hates, she was extremely chipper. We both almost forgot that life can be like this.

The trend is familiar. We become caught up in a certain way of living, develop habits and patterns, and then completely forget that life can be any different. In fact, we sometimes fear stopping, disengaging, stepping away.

Taking that a step further, our bad habits can be even more debilitating. Shame, guilt, lust, selfishness and any other vice unite to clamp us down to our sin or sins of choice. We can’t imagine life without such gripping habits. We become used to failure; the sting of stepping away from God becomes a gentle tap.

Speaking for myself I can say that I’ve adapted to sin over time, almost integrated it into my life. A few lies here and there suddenly become a habit. A harsh word about a known idiot, a little gossip, and soon a vice becomes firmly entrenched.

I think it’s easy to forget that God’s in the business of healing and restoring. There is a possibility of living in freedom from sin. That’s not to say we’ll be perfect, but sin need not hold us in place.

If we can take that step toward God and away from our habitual sins, I believe we’ll be surprised at the changes and new possibilities that arise. It just may change our lives and form a new habit.