The Dish is the Posish

I raced home after a positively nutty half day at work. I had to meet the Comcast installation guy at our home. We had a 1:00 pm appointment for cable internet installation.

It was a flurry of activity. I pulled in and shortly thereafter an important package arrived, not to be outdone by the Comcast truck pulling in a few minutes later. My spirit was light, light I tell you.

Then the bad news came.

The Comcast installer was a young, kind, smiling fellah who gently told me that the cable stopped about one to two miles down the road.

One mile . . .

He apologized for the error Comcast made and I bade him farewell. A fellow, long-suffering dial-up bound neighbor stopped by to share her condolences after watching the scene. She had been hoping Comcast had finally come to our little slice of rural paradise.

Alas, we both shared war stories of dial-up, thunderstorms, and wayward satellite dishes. And that’s where we stand. The dish is all we’ve got. It’s slow and suffers from lighting, but it’ll have to do until Vermont’s government gets off its tail and makes state-wide broadband happen.

As Todd said to me, “nice. that is what you get for living in Vermont :)”

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