Saving Money: The Greatest Good

Who hasn’t boasted about finding a great deal? I know some women who can’t talk about their clothes without mentioning how cheap they found it. I also swap stories with friends and relatives about finding a great deal on computer equipment or a used book at a library.

In a capitalistic, consumer-oriented society it’s not shocking that we look for a good deal. I can’t help but applaud one relative who earned bragging rights by building a better computer for less money than his friend. There’s nothing inherently wrong with a bargain.

Unfortunately we have raised finding cheap goods and services as the highest value, and forgotten how they are manufactured and delivered. While still upholding the value of thrift and spending money wisely, I’d like to spend a little time talking about the moral issues surrounding  our buying choices and other every-day decisions that receive less thought than required.

The trick to this discussion about our obsession with saving money is whether  or not every one can be held to the same level. For example, so people just need to find the best deal out of necessity. Buying a locally-made product for home at a higher price may snatch needed money for groceries. Clearly we can’t hold everyone to the same standard.

To the degree that we are able, our buying habits are desperately in need of scrutiny. We may be surprised with what we find. Perhaps we can save money without ruining our planet and our local communities. That is a topic worth considering in the days to come.

One thought on “Saving Money: The Greatest Good

  1. pbandj

    this is a very important issue.

    i grew up with a baby boomer father who was trained by a father who went through the depression. so needless to say, we were penny pinchers. not meaning my parents werent generous, because they were very. but we were also very careful with money.

    and this i think is an ok thing. but if it becomes first and foremost in our concern, then we forget what money is (just a way to barter because of the Fall). there is no question, money shouldnt be our main focus in life. But in USA that is so easy to do.

    anyway, here is how i try to look at it. i know God will provide for all my families needs. so my wife and i save what we can to be wise, but spend what we feel we need to, and share what we can with others.

    this is just how we try to look at money.


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