The Office Marathon is Over

Over the past month I put writing on the back burner, save for a few projects in order to finish my home office. The amount of work has been nothing short of staggering for me, and I’ve stayed up well past midnight several times just trying to push things ahead.

The first step was removing all of our junk out of the office, since we’d been storing many of our things in there while renovating the rest of the house. The office is also home to our rabbits Eva and Evan, so they were relocated to the living room and dining room respectively.

Then I ripped out the smokey carpet and the cheap laminate plywood, and set to work on installing a laminate floor. When the floor was done, I patched up the holes in the wall and labored over the sheet rock seams: spackle, dry, sand, spackle, dry, sand, and then sponge. Then on to priming, painting, staining, and putting up a chair rail to divide the upper tan section from the lower plum section of the wall.

To my surprise my new desk took about two hours (midnight to two in the morning) to assemble, not to mention the new chair–bought at half price. In the home stretch I installed 3 4-foot long shelves and 3 2-foot long shelves on the walls, along with a bulletin board and a dry erase board. Oh, I also stocked up a 3-shelf bookcase with my emerging church and theology books and moved a shelf of Christianity books into our bedroom for lack of space.

After moving boxes of files and photographs into the closet, playing with the tangled mess of wires required to hook up a computer, and then hauling our rabbit complex back into the room, I could declare myself done.

So now it’s happy blogging. Pictures of this project and our recent vacation to Lake George are available at our flickr account. Be sure to check out my collection of sunrise pictures.