Waste: the Mark of Prosperity

Makesha found this fascinating story about a woman named Dee Willaims who lives in an 84 square foot house. From the article:

The obvious question: Why?
The simple answer:
“A simpler life, time, more money. I don’t have a mortgage. I don’t have a big utility bill,” Dee says.
Her monthly heating bill in the winter is $6, less in the summer.
“I’m able to offer money to my family if they need it, (and to) my friends if they need it,” says Dee.

Apparently there are companies who build homes such as this on the cheap. Bravo to Dee who is going against the flow.

Having recently moved into a home that is 1000 square feet and feeling like we were making a HUGE  sacrifice, I’m quite embarrassed. Sheesh, our home is over 10 times bigger and there’s only one more person.

Prosperity means we can afford to waste. In the case of a home, a wealthy family has the ability to waste space and to throw space efficiency to the wind. Large, sprawling homes allow us to buy huge pieces of furniture and hit the garage sales hard (if that’s your thing).

Since we had to downsize a little or to be creative with how we use our space (i.e. a 6′ by 2′ area for the bunnies in my office), I’ve felt like we took a step down socially. Once shopping at IKEA seemed more like a necessity for space conservation rather than a cool, trendy place to buy unpronounceable furniture, I started to feel the pinch of our “small” home.

Now, appropriately chastised, I am enjoying the vast swaths of open space in our home. Of course I thank God that it’s not a foot smaller either.

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