Making a New People in God’s Kingdom

If you’ve had enough with the news about sectarian strife and the anger among nations and people groups, it’s time to tune in on what God is doing in one corner of the world. As part of his new creation and coming rule on earth, the Lord is breaking down our man-made cultural barriers and forming a new people: his own.

Under God’s rule ethnic background means nothing and there is a chance to heal previous animosity and division. One example of this is how he’s healing Iraqis and Israelis through the work of Shevet Achim.

Take a moment to read the story of several Iraqi mothers who were brought to Israel with their sick children by Shevet Achim for treatment in Israeli hospitals. In the midst of this healing among physical bodies and nationalities, Jesus shows up, literally.

This healing of nations is a sign that the peace of God as they welcome him into their lives. Come Lord Jesus.

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