The Newest Member of Our Family

While some people I know are having kids or adopting from as far afield as Guatemala, we’ve been adding a different kind of member to our family: a new pet. I’ve already mentioned that we don’t do moderation well, and now I’ll prove it once and for all.

We stopped by the feed store for bedding and pellets on Sunday, right before we hit the berry fields. Julie went straight to the bunny section. Though interested, I thought to myself that it would be neat if they had a brown bunny . . . and they did.

This wasn’t any brown bunny though, this was a really cute brown bunny who settled down by the side of the cage and let me pet him for a long time. Of course I was completely at his mercy. Julie tried to push on to the practical matters at hand, but all I could think of was the brown bunny.

We already have two rabbits (Eva and Evan), but they don’t get along. We have been hoping that we could find a friend for Eva, but Evan, her current prospect, has this habit of biting her, and she happily returns the favor. So I was wondering if some fresh blood in the house would be just the thing for her. Of course that was all a front for my true motivation: I wanted to take home the cute brown bunny.

Our decision was to wait, but we asked for him to be held for a day. Though we wanted to sleep on it, we already had a name picked out within three hours of meeting him: Baxter. We did pray about it and felt peace so long as we recognized he’s God’s gift to us because in a sense we don’t “own” anything in this world.

Baxter small So I’d like to introduce Baxter, our brown mini-rex rabbit. He’s currently residing in the guest room, but that’s only because we don’t have room in my office/rabbit room. Pretty soon he’ll move in to Eva’s play pen.

He’s a spunky little guy who loves laying on his towel. I dare you to look at some more pictures of him at our flickr account.

So now you know what happens when I go to the rabbit section of the feed store. Over the next couple days we hope to introduce him to his roommates. I’m sure it’s not going to go well.