Trying Out Facebook

As always I’m behind in the times, most recently evidenced by my “johnny-come-lately” joining of Facebook. Though blog father Andrew Jones questioned the usefulness of Facebook, I’m impressed so far.

For one thing, the interface is cleaner and easier to use than goliath My Space. Even if the pages don’t offer the same customization options, I’m thinking that a standard white background with simple black Arial font is a good thing.

The networking functions are pretty good so far and the ability to integrate other online tools such as blogs and flickr are great. I’m not interested in maintaining a completely different space, but I will gladly set up a space that puts them all together in one spot.

Of course people with a lot of contacts can be weighed down by all manner of friendship requests, the complaint of Mr. Jones, but for those of us with a modest collection of friends Facebook is perfect. I’ve already reconnected with some great people and even contacted a few by chance who share similar interests.