The Permanent Stain of Sin

Just as an alcoholic is never completely done with the desire to drink, so too are humans never quite able to say they’ve mastered sin completely. This is a hard thing to say as a Christian. Paul talks about dying and rising with Christ so that we are now new creations. Isn’t sin in the past for Christians?

The trouble is that we are new creations with some fatal flaws. Even if the grip of sin has been broken in our lives, we are not immune to it. In fact, we can knowingly place ourselves under the influence of sin, even if God is now the ruler of our lives.

This follows up on my post related to less trust, and more grace, as we often think of ourselves and one another in a more charitable light than we deserve. While reading the Old Testament I have grown weary of reading about different followers of the Lord who eventually fall away, leaving God behind. The chief of these would be Solomon. If the wisest man in history couldn’t figure this sin thing out, we’re cooked.

As always, life is never as simple as we thought. There is a tension and pull to how we live every day. Yes, we are free from the power of sin through Christ and can live holy lives before God. Yes, we are also daily in danger of falling under the sway and power of sin, thereby ruining our fellowship with God.

Sin is a stain we must live with for the rest of our lives. The only treatment is allowing God into our lives. Unfortunately there is no sure-fire way to guarantee permanent loyalty to the Lord.

This means we have a calling to pray constantly, rest in Christ, and remember that we are just one step away from the sin that so easily entangles.

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