My Book with NavPress or Why It’s Hard to Blog Lately

While folding laundry and listening to the latest podcast from “Wait, Wait, Don’t Tell Me” this evening, I was regretting my lack of blog posting this summer. Two or three posts a week isn’t much for someone used to posting regularly ever day. And then I realized that I have a reason for this drop in posting, and more than that, I haven’t publicly posted on it yet.

Much of my thought and writing time has been consumed of late because I’m working on a book that will be published with NavPress in the Fall of 2008. Morning, noon, and night I’m editing, researching, and writing.

Working at a day job four days a week and keeping up with house and rabbit chores means that I’m quite busy of late, especially with company and all kinds of trips to Indiana, Boston, Ohio, and Philly on the schedule.

My current goal is to have a draft of the book together by September 1st. If I have a really good week, that may happen. After that I’ll be working on two study guides and revisions.

The book is tentatively titled Theology for Everyone (that will change for certain), and it aims to provide a simple introduction to contextual Christian theology. Planting theology in the middle of our relationship with God and in his mission to bring redemption to creation, I hope to provide an alternative to the divisive theology that does more to divide than unite and bring life.

The project began as an independent study with Dr. John Franke of Biblical Theological Seminary. Under Franke’s direction I wrote a massive paper that is the foundation for the book. Though it has changed quite a bit, all for the better, and been given different titles, the same goal of making theology accessible for the church has remained.

While the book is still in the formative stages, I’ll be looking for input this week in a few areas. I would be grateful if each reader gave them some thought and either posted a reply or passed them on to someone who may have a perspective to share. Stay tuned!