If My Town Had a Newspaper . . .

My little Vermont town of Arlington is nestled in between the larger towns Manchester and Bennington, so we unfortunately do not have our own paper to report local news. However, if we did, the paper would record the following:

  • A huge willow tree toppled over on Saturday due to high winds across from the Wayside General Store on route 313. It seems to have just missed a barn. The roots face the road so it’s super cool to see as you drive by.
  • A bunch of Vermont Fish and Wildlife workers were working down on the Battenkill River by the Covered Bridge this week, leading to further speculation that the recent finding of bacteria (also known as “rock snot”) in the river could be a real big deal.
  • On River Road a man in a small, white ranch house has been staying up late plotting the demise of the deer who ate all of the wild blackberries in his yard, to say nothing of the blueberries and raspberries.

Well, that last one may not qualify as local news, but I decided this week that if I was going to kill any animal, it would most certainly be the stupid deer(s) who ransack our yard, Bambi be damned. I think I’ll have to work on some kind of electric fence for next year. Then we may have some news …

One thought on “If My Town Had a Newspaper . . .

  1. John Nnnn

    Anybody for a joint/cooperative deer population reduction project? I am firmly convinced that the only good deer is the one in my freezer.

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