A New Look For IMD: Minyx 2.0 Light

I have officially moved inamirrordimly onto it’s fourth major theme in its 2.5 year existence: minyx 2.0 light. I hope that each time I make this kind of switch it’s a move toward greater simplicity and ease of use, which I think is the case with minyx.

There are still some Google ads floating around at the bottom of the sidebar, but overall I’m pretty pleased with the Minyx theme. I feel like I can put a lot of stuff on the page without it feeling too cluttered. I’m especially into white backgrounds of late and ensuring that the main content is off to the left in a good position for reading.

Of course if you’re reading this via a feed, these changes mean absolutely nothing to you, but at least it keeps me out of trouble . . . or from getting a good night’s sleep. I have the solace that Todd Hiestand, a friend, web designer, and online chia pet, gave this theme his blessing.

If you’re going to live to please others, you may as well be selective.

One thought on “A New Look For IMD: Minyx 2.0 Light

  1. peyek

    hi, I like your theme using minyxv2.0 lite,
    would you like to share this templates with me, please!
    because I already download from their site, but the widgets doesn’t work.

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