Off to Ohio

It’s not quite a vacation. It’s not just attending a wedding.

My wife and I will be in Ohio this weekend to help prepare for her friend’s wedding on Saturday. We’re making the food for the small reception after the ceremony. No, we are not professional caterers, so don’t get any ideas about asking us for our rates.

We have both been in the grip of the busiest month we’ve had in a long time. My job is tied to the tourist season, and fall is a popular time for visiting Vermont, while Julie had grad school and the regular grind of being in the overworked profession of special ed. where 12 hour work days are pretty typical. So oddly enough we’re kind of looking forward to being tossed into a church’s kitchen to cook all day. It’s a welcome disconnect from the pace of our recent lives.

I’ll be catching a flight tomorrow night after work to meet up with Julie in Ohio. We’ll spend Friday and part of Saturday working on the food. We’re hoping to also catch some time together at our hotel, as I don’t know what else there is to do in our nation’s heartland (a title Ohio claims for itself). 

I’ll have to admit that Ohio is just about the last place I’d think of for a vacation. Road construction, underachieving football teams, and farms . . . they all fit a little better with the Ohio mystique I’m thinking of. On the up side, I did know a guy who had an apple farm in Ohio and it was a really great place to hang out.

It seems that most hotels these days have wireless access, so if that is the case, I’ll be happily blogging in my new-found spare time. If not, things will be quiet around here until Monday.