Is This Web Site Easy to Read?

As of right now I’m still a loyal user of WordPress. I’m pretty happy with the Minyx Light theme, mainly because it’s very simple and does not require tweaking with images, colors, or lines. I don’t have much time for design right now.

Nevertheless, while I’m talking about the theme of this site, I was wondering if this site is easy to read? I made the “about” box yellow-ish to help stress the two column look, but I’m also toying with the thought of making a line down the middle in between the two columns. I find the site easy to read, but I also spent a lot of time looking for this exact format, so I may not be the best judge. I’m open to any reader suggestions on how to improve this site.

While writing yesterday I also took some time to revamp my professional writing site: While I do blog there occasionally on writing, the weight of my book deadline, a few small projects, the insanity of our personal lives that has kept us constantly on the road, and the intensity of work during the Fall season all make it really hard to keep this blog and that site well fed with posts. Therefore the blog on my home page and has been moved to it’s own page.

When you visit, you’ll now hit the “About” page where I talk about my current projects. As always there is a page with links to some of my writing, though not all of it is available quite yet.