The Mystery of Baxter the Escape Artist Rabbit

Sept2007 004 Our rabbit Baxter is as cute as they come. Small (about 2 pounds), brown, soft, and endearing as all get out, he is a real joy in our home. We are always amazed at how brave/stupid he is.

He thinks nothing of jumping on top of his cage and hopping around while his feet become entangled in the wires. Not only will he jump onto the couch, he’ll climb to the top of the couch and then on top of the pillows on top of the couch, typically falling onto the couch. He loves scampering behind the book cases (and we have many) on top of the small base board heating unit.

His latest trick is wiggling underneath the baseboard heating unit BEHIND a book case. It’s such a tiny space, but he can pull it off somehow. The problem is that we have repeatedly attempted to block off this part of his room (we keep him in a 4 foot by 4 foot play pen) only to find him behind our barriers chewing on the edges of the area rug.

Carpet is harmful for bunnies and the rug in his room is just a temporary measure. All the same, no matter how we arrange his play pen, boxes, gates, and anything else, whenever out of his play pen to run around he always, always, always manages to make it behind the play pen and into the world of carpet fringes and the dark underside of heating vents.

I stepped up my efforts this morning with a seemingly impenetrable set up. Before I was done my other blog post he was back there. How does he do it? I have a few theories, but none of them are very satisfying. He’s like a little mouse that wiggles through impossible spaces.

The problem is a bit complex because we can’t let him out without providing a way for him to get back into his room, and to the carpet edges that we have failed to block off. Rabbits get freaked out when they cannot run back to home base. So it looks like I’ll be spending my weekend creating some kind of Baxter barrier. It’s not the first time I’ve made an elaborate barricade for our rabbits.

3 thoughts on “The Mystery of Baxter the Escape Artist Rabbit

  1. Makeesha Fisher

    look at large toy stores or other places that carry parenting/kid stuff – there are lots of child proofing things out there that might help you. has lots of stuff like that.

  2. ed Post author

    Wow . . . I never knew such places existed. You can make yourself really nervous looking at all of the things that you need to keep kids (and I suppose rabbits) safe. I already have TWO child gates, but maybe our rabbits need the heavy artillery.

    I love the toilet lid lock, but I really can’t justify getting that for our rabbits. I’d just want to use it for a prank.

  3. Makeesha Fisher

    LOL Ed. Yeah, we primarily used “baby proofing” as a way to keep ourselves sane, allow our kids the freedom and growth of natural curiosity without having to redirect and say “no touch” every 2 seconds hehe.

    toilet lid locks have saved many a parent from toilets plugged with wads of toilet paper. Fortunately, our kids weren’t in that phase for long and we didn’t use those…although, it would be funny as a prank.

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