Under the Protection of Scripture

Over the past week or two I have noticed a trend of sorts. I could say this in any number of ways, but the gist is this: the more scripture I read, the less likely I am to sin. That’s a bit simplified, since I really noticed radical differences in my state of mind, attitude, and thoughts as well.

I shouldn’t be surprised by this. If I read the Bible even more than I currently do, I probably would have remembered that Psalm 119:9 says, “How can a young man keep his way pure? By living according to your word” (NIV). The Bible itself knows that there is something spiritually beneficial about reading the Bible.

While traveling out to Ohio last week I was pulled out of my Bible and breakfast routine, and therefore didn’t place myself into the story of scripture where God is at work in humanity. From there it was a simple matter of “out of sight, out of mind.” Familiar sins of anger and selfishness bubbled to the surface in many ways, even if I did my best to keep them bottled up.

Now that I’m back home and into my routine of reading through 3-6 chapters each morning, I can’t help but feel so refreshed and renewed. I’m far from perfect, but there is a greater protection that I have when I’m immersed in the world of the Bible and let that direct my course throughout the day.

Of course I’m bound to forget this lesson and perhaps a year from now I may end up writing the same exact post …

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