I’m Not the Sharpest Knife the Drawer

I have a large tote bag full of apples that I gathered from the apple tree at my place of employment sitting in our kitchen. With the intention of making applesauce, I’ve had a large pot sitting on top of the bag waiting for the right time.

The weekend passed, and so I decided that Tuesday night was going to be applesauce night. I even told Julie about my scheme and we planned out the entire evening. And then while in bed last night I remembered: I’m throwing a huge party at work on Tuesday night for about 100 people!!!

Rest assured I’ve been planning for this big event over the past 4 weeks . . . and perhaps that makes it worse that I momentarily forgot about it. So while I have most of my plans in place for tonight, I don’t quite see how I could have forgotten about it so completely yesterday.

The whole thing has me a bit creeped out. Am I that distracted? I’m just imagining myself pulling out of work tonight at 5:00 pm to the utter consternation of my co-workers.

On the plus side I did manage to finish my first draft of the my theology book yesterday. Now I’m officially freed up to work on the study guides. Maybe I’ll work on them tonight since I’m not doing anything important . . .